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It's been three years since I've seen  mark I entering into my senior year. I have to close friends Blaire and max they came be to see how I was doing and get me out of the house they wanted to me to a party at first I refused but blaire told me I had to move on  and not think about mark and she was right so I put on my best red dress.when I got to the party I ran into marks cousin i asked her has she heard from him she said not since he moved. I wanted to ask her where he moved to but that was for him to tell me that if I ever saw him again. So I went back to the party I tried to have a good time but I just couldn't get mark out of my head. I went outside to get some air that's when Shawn walked up and asked me was I ok I told him yes. I asked where girlfriend nancy was he said that was his girlfriend but now she was his ex- girlfriend he told me I wouldn't have to worry about her he asked did I want to dance and I yes and danced the night away he made me forget all about mark if only for a little while. He drove me and my friends home as I getting out of the car he grab my hand and told me he would see me in school tomorrow. In my mind I was for this to the start of something good.


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