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Me and Mark grew up together since we were kids I liked since then we are getting ready to start our first year of high so I had to tell him that night before we our first year of high school so just blurted out that I wanted us to be more than just friends he looked so relieved. He said he felt the same way so the next day we were going to walk to school together. My mom asked me was I nervous I her no and then I told her about me and Mark she so happy. I waited on they porch for mark but never came I started to go to his house but I didn't want to be late for school I was sure he as going to meet me at school. When I got to school I didn't see mark. As we were standing in the waiting for the bell to ring for first period I meet Blair I asked her was she new to the school she said yes I asked her where she was from she said she was from was from Chicago I asked her how was her summer she said it was good. We first period together as we were walking to first period we girls gathered around a boy Blaire said when she was in the bathroom  earlier she said she heard a the girls talking about a boy name shawn who was handsome and that he was but all I could was think about was mark who never came to school that day. When I got home I asked my mom and she said she hadn't heard anything about them moving. That I cried myself to sleep knowing probably would never see mark again.


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