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Im samantha and well right now its the middle of the night
Im lying on the bed with a thick, brown blanket over me.

I could here the raindrops outside and my mom talking with her phone just outside by the balcony.

The rain is gettig heavier and louder. And there goes my yawn. Now off to sleep.

Eyes opened. I could only see darkness. And barely see the clock. Its 3.00 AM!! my younger sister is fast asleep next to my mom. I tried going back to sleep but i just couldnt.

A beam of light came across room and a  big noise!!! I rushed out to my balcony it seems like a landed ufo or am i thinking too much.

I wiped my eyes again. And to see it was actually a crashed aeroplane in the river opposite to our house..

Well that's still extreme!!


  • very nice visual imagery

    Aug 12, 2019

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