Melody Read Count : 55

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

Story writed in year: 1997-2000
Translated from Romanian to English.
I apology in advance for me english.

Autor: Aronica Alexandru Emanuel
                  Story orginal                     

Happynes can be in any place wen you met that person special.

Prologue: Rejected

Year 3975 in new future earth ther in place New York live a most rich family in galaxy. In that family was a women named Alexya and had 2 daughters one named Emma and second Melody. Emma is most loved by her parents because she was frist born children and she can have aniting want. Melody second daugther no had noting special just one thing can she can be proud. She is most beautyfull lady but her mother hated her becuase of that and for steal many hearts of mens what tried court Emma and they fallen for Melody. Then Alexya gived slave cloths and no make up to Melody and always put her for make most hard works in house. Even her father hated her becuase she is intelectual like her granmother. After 3 years slave in work for her own family wen she made 18 age she runed from home and she runed like no had noting lose. Melody reached to a old temple and she sit down for take a break and she begined cry becuase her family no love her. A light from nonwer blinded and she fall down.


Chapter One: A new Journey


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