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You might call it a booster shot 
Or a five hour energy drink
It’s designed to do the same but it doesn’t have a name
It can come out of the blue and you 
haven’t got a clue till clicks on in your brain  
Often times it’s not dramatic or a world
shaking event 
It may be trivial to you but in my view something to look forward too 
I may feel the same when you talk about your “prize “it’s a personal event for each one to surmise 

Looking forward is a tool to give you good incentive  and useful in the act of being a blues preventative 
Let me now conclude with the last part 
of my message 
Whatever you can do to brighten up your time is worth it’s weight in gold though you may not spend a dime
                      ENJOY 😊


  • Aug 07, 2019

  • Aug 07, 2019

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