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And you wonder why u have a broken toe cuz u didnt listen to god,so u stumbled and broke ur pinky toe..thats wat u get..and too ur car needs repaired why cuz ur being punished by abba god if u dont know cuz of me and how u treat me in the past and now still.your stubborn and never going to learn i tried to teach and show you but u rather treat them like gold and me like shit.when i have ur shity life in my hands along with my fathers abba.. wat now death? I guess i just wait and see cuz its happening right before my eyes with other people..ur mean selfish old mexican with stupid ways.fine die alone but im not..i just wanted to come over and bs with u or get held for a min not sex all the fucn time.. its ok i get it your not into me at all.will fuc it bald spot on ur head wearning a ball cap to hide it everyday.. im not urs so dont say my cookie belongs to u any more cuz im not waiting for u or give a damn about respect for your ass lost me im gone with the wind and done forever with ur ass.. so game on at least my puta's are drug free and working and never ask me for money..and take me out to eat and pay my phone bills and puts gas in my gma's car wirhout bitching about it or wanting sex from me..the difference between u and me..i hope u open ur eyes before u over heat at work..bye wicked mi love no more.david girl n eve..


  • getting out of a bad relationship may seem difficult now but its soooo worth it in tr longer run.You go girl and all the very best in your life

    Aug 07, 2019

  • Eve and david = 1 myself Kjv

    Eve And David = 1 Myself Kjv

    big thank s2you just mad but his loss now not saddens me cuz he rather lay with rodents instead of me..oh well life goes on still.hope i find a real great respectful man fast lol tired of being alone n pushed out of the way until he wants me

    Aug 07, 2019

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