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Damn just like that im married to which one oh henry or damn juany?? Married to christ im sure of or twain.i be dang me David girl u out done yourself again.. okay this talk about respecto while getting dropped off this morning and i used his line on ol henry.cthu..okay i no im still giving henry a chance and last day of feeling wired and no more today i said it im done..father plz help me i will need u for sure starting in three or four days bcuz the first fee days is cake walk its the 4th day of being sober that gets me down and feeling like a bitch from hell and looking for a reason to relaps or the twitching uncontrolable or short fused conversation and bible reading on hold for at least a week or two asking u abba for a speedy full recovery and full of energy and ready to back to me reading and learning for myself..feeling greatful to just get up at 6 or 7 am full of brightness so bright of a smile ,your going need sun glasses to see me..bright morning star shine baby shine..and father abba let me never back slide again.i no im strong and serious about it this time..just plz no side effects of the sickness in my body..i want to feel none plz..give me another chance of easy recovery like last time..i need u more than u will ever know to get it over and done with.but mean while I pray for hope of patience for my family members towards me.besides i probably can hear ya saying shut up!!! Enough said!!just let me alone 4 days from now and i promise i will feel  better soon in the late next not going to say im going to work that fast nah but if i said id be lying to myself.and besides i mett somebody who is spanish and sober who dont drink or use drugs period and goes to church on his that caught my hearing and made me smile almost like abba might had sent him my were so called dating and going to church together on thats all i wanted somebody i actually attractive to and coming to church with me .but now im going to church with him and his brother and family..awesome..thats y i choose to make a sacrifice on myself and get clean cuz honest ,trust,loyal,respect..matters all to much to me in the beginning of new love..and a chance or rather hope of making out something beautifully.. thanks father its worth a shot so after work he can ask me anything and i wouldnt no longer be lying..bye past jenn sin more of that lonely ass isolated antisocial twacked out mental patient .. so haters and the one's who i feel i cant do it or stay clean i bet your cars need repair or small miner repairs ok? Bet..thats how sure i on ..


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