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                  I always find myself thinking some day maybe I'll be the edge of her seat or the drive that compelles her warmth to draw a hot blanket of intense heat to the surface as she slightly begins to perspire at just the thought of me.. But as it may seem now it's all I can do to control myself while the thought of her scent fills my nose and lungs driving me so irate that I can tast her sweat desolving on the tip of my already watering  toung.....  .  So it would appear My thoughts seem to let my imagination take me hostage and completely carry me away.  The honest truth is I want her so fucking BAD it consumes me  Oh so ever much so...that I wish I could have my way with her body and mind doing as I may at will to see fit inside my dirty mind.. I would make it seem as though a chapter of a best seller romance novel was  given life. All the deep fantasy's I'd give birth to down to every last detail to so that every single moment is essentially important to every critical move and sugestion as it  must be acknowledged down to the last detail just for her pure desire and brought unto her dripping over her body for nothing more than dirty, deep, Nasty and oh so light to the touch pleasure over and over again and again ...if given the chance at my finger tips... Hear this that falls in whispers from my lips....the hard soothing love ever changing precious time lost from the past hunting me like a wild beast from some where in the back of my mind.. a simple chance of faith if given..  start from the beginning to see and do it all again I'd go about-face it in a completely different manner. I'd take my time and put in to you unbelievable, undescribable, irresistible, overwhelming feelings that send u to emotional hights u never even knew existed. I would reach deep down into my self.  I'm poor if love is wealth. all my heart shattered like glass grinded into fine dust.  But know I would find a way and build a path into my emotions just to feel you with The love and hope you deserve to be happy and full of life.. I'd leave you nothing but my desire to be part of everything you are and everything we could be. I'd always lust after you as I do now and always have. I'd hope that you would desire my touch and feel me. I believe nothing until nothing  it's self is left to chance and I would embellish, consume, and become part of all that you are to the point to where you can feel me inside of you again and again all of me to the last breath I breath.. until nothing but us existed in time.  I would never put anything before you and everything after you.. I'd live and breathe just to be near you to be part of everything you are.... I would never hesitate to touch you,feel you, kiss you, hold you, embrace your love, and come into you. .......... I'm so lonely and sad all the time. As it rains every day in my head. But I do owe so much I do I miss you so that I seem to be dying as Its killing me not to be with the one thing that completes everything about me and defines the person I am......or the man who I used to be with you.


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautifully written 🦋a sad commentary On a relationship ending and the painful lamenting over once was🦋it tough to come back from an experience that meant almost everything 🦋you’re a talented writer and a compassionate person 🦋I hope you can generate some Compassion for yourself and try to rebuild your life🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Jul 21, 2019

  • Tommy Starks

    Tommy Starks

    thank you. its hard to find yourself when you are so used to being what everyone around you that you love needed. its difficult to answer the simplest questions. what do I like? wher do I want to go? you find that you dont necessarily like the things that you been doing do you want me to lock them because people you love like them anyone make them happy but when it's just you come to realize I never answered him questions to begin with and if you don't know what you like or what you may want to do. it's hard to find yourself. I believe Im finally starting to find simple things in my life that make me happy because i enjoy them.

    Jul 22, 2019

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