Looking At The Mind’s Eye 7/21/19 Read Count : 25

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The most constant gift we’ve been given 
Like a permanent person live in

It is easy to access but there’s much more 
Controlling the mind-a most difficult 

You could say it controls our behavior 
It can be a  demon or  savior 

It is the human recording machine 
All our experiences available to stream

When we mature -We’re at the controls
With faith and our mind we can enrich 
our souls 

 As much support we get in good times or in bad 
Our mind directs the way  to replace
happiness from sad

The hardest part of all  that we must understand 
Is developing our mind so we can take 

The choice is up to us as we approach each living day
The reward is life with quality-what more is there to say 


  • Jul 21, 2019

  • Jul 21, 2019

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