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Wiped the tearful face and slapped on a layer of foundation to cover up the puffy eyes.Thank God for the discovery of make up  that not only covers the flaws but also conceals some emotions we wouldn't want Our face to depict.

It is like a mask we wear to face the world with confidence with every little little imperfection neatly tucked below this veil.With a good makeup brush every woman is an artist and her face,an empty canvass.Not only can we get a perfect skin or make it a few shades lighter with a foundation or add some colour on our faces with lipsticks,eyes shadows and blushes we can also contour our features.Change the structure of our face given to us by God.Reminds me of a carpenter working his magic on a beautiful piece of art. Meticulously cutting,highlighting and  shaping the oh not so perfect features,the make up artists work their charm to make us aesthetically more pleasing.But

Sometimes I think why is it so important to look perfect.Why can't a father nose or lighter eyebrows look pretty on me just coz they belong to me and I feel happy and blesSsd with however God has chosen me to be.Though I do believe there is nothing wrong in taking a few steps to put your best foot forward coz presentation does matter,I fail to understand the desperate need to look flawless.Every flaw,scar or mark you may have adds on to your beauty.Then why are we ashamed of flaunting them.

Besides what is perfection?Beauty is in the eye of a beholder.So u maybe shaping your nose to look thinner,but a little stout nose may look more appealing for some.

So girls,do the make up,have fun but only to please yourself because confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.


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