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Hey sweetheart. How have you been feeling so far? Hopefully you're doing great these past few weeks. By the time you get this letter, I'm not sure how long it would've been already, so let me tell you what's been happening. A few days after your incident, there's been strange things happening all around this area., mysterious noises and sightings that have troubled the whole town . Soon afterwards, everybody was taken from our homes by the government to protect us from a danger that was passing through our area. I wanted to remain with you until it has passed, but the soldiers wouldn't allow it. Me along with the others were moved to a safe-town where we stayed for some time. I thought I had lost you after such a long time has passed. When it was all over, I came back to check on you. I didn't know what I had expected to find, but I needed to know what has happened. To my surprise, you were alright all along, no marks or no scratches and still breathing. I don't know how you could've survived all these years without care, but I was soo relieved to find you unharmed by what ever came by. Life continued on like normal, and everyday, I would pray for you and cared for you hoping you would one day wake up. After a few weeks had gone by,  I became ill. The doctor told me he is very sorry and to just take it easy and rest. Still, I did my very best to take care of you, right up until this moment. I have hoped that I could have stayed right by your side until the moment you open you eyes again, the moment we share a kiss again, but we may not get the chance to. Even if I'm not here anymore, don't be sad, we both knew this day would come sooner or later. I'm just happy to have shared my last few moments with you, even if you're not aware of it. You will always stay with me, as I will with you. Now promise me, what ever happens, take care of youself, and when things are right, we'll see eachother again.

Your Pink Lily,


I woke up from my coma,  in a room filled with dust as the aroma of ash flooded my nose. Wooden ceiling were filled with mold and covered with long vines swaying along the window doors creaking from the soft cold gusts of wind breezing through the inside. I felt something laying besides me. 

I look down and to my horror, saw the skeletal remains of a person next to me arms across my chest, holding on to this faded letter. 

Why did this happen? How could this happen? I needed some answers, which is when, I found him.

"I been tracking you down a long time. You tried to run from this, but you weren't fast enough and now I've finally caught you."

"Can you imagine how hard it hits you, to lose the ones you love to something beyond your control, without you knowing and with you powerless to stop it from happening. Now, I have the power to. Your kind started this..."

You are interuppted before you can finish your sentence.

"L-Look, I-I-I know what we did was wrong, but

k-killing us all isn't the way to bring her back."

You look at the intimidated soldier irritated with his response, but you have your blooded blade ready in hand, and with a death-like approach, you asked.

"So there is a way. Now tell me,"

You kneel one knee down in front of the soldier with burning fiery eyes and stare face to face with not a man, but the soul of an innocent boy within the man and in unison with numerous unknown voices snarl:

"How do I get there?"

 (to be continued...)


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