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This music got me on that no more problematic. There's just too much static with a drastic sound gurgling through plastic. Mindsets set to automatic y'all probably think I'm an addict. Im goin on no longer frantic, no more dramatic ass bullshit that used to make me panic.

This here's my new anthem
This here, this here
This here's my new anthem.

Never let em see me, dont go out to be just a part of the crowd. I ain't really been proud, the thought be so loud I wish I could find a way to drown out the sound. Im soulless bound looking for a way to be less drowned when all I want to feel like is a pitcher standing on the mound ready to strike that batter out like a hound. Im just trying gain some pound.

Yeah, this here's my new anthem
This here,  this here
This here's my new anthem.


  • Aug 22, 2019

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