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There are some writers and some writings that have told us that they have 
the answer -based on their readings and research 
A few have quoted from the Bible and in the same piece elaborated on the  changing dynamics as we go through 
I am not an expert on the Bible as some profess to be
There are many versions of the Bible as well as the works of other  cultures 
Even the experts in religious works vary in their interpretation of parts of these
historic writings
The regular people like myself then can 
develop  their own beliefs and life philosophy based on a multitude of factors
I often do a “double take” when someone tells me they have the definitive answer 
There are very few iron- clad Absolutes
Death and Taxes” is a an often used example 
But simply said - anything that cannot be changed or modified is Absolute
That’s my belief-What is yours 


  • Jul 20, 2019

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