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Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel

He knocked on her apartment door it was dark inside and appeared that noone was home. Just as he began to walk away the door opened and a voice says come on in walking in to the darkness she says come back here. As he makes his way down the dark hall way he can see the flicker of candle light in the room just ahead. Why so dark he ask. The power is off she replied. Oh he responds. He set down on the bed next to her watching how the light flickered in her eyes and against her skin. She was speaking to him but he couldn't hear her words because he was to busy listening to his own thoughts of what he wanted to be pursuing alone in the dark. HELLO did you hear me he hears a voice say as he looked up at her smiling. She looked back at him and smiled and just as she begins to ask him he leans in and kisses her lips.  With some hesitation she hangs in the balance. Then with both arms at her sides he places them upon her pulling her in and presses his lips against her own. She takes in a deep breath and exhales through her mouth as she leans her head back and he works his way down her neck. The excitement fills the room and the breeze blows through from the open window. He raises his arms and she pulls his shirt from him as he stands before her she unbuckles his pants and drops them to the floor. She looks up to him as he leans in for another kiss pulling her shirt from her body and taking her hands to help her stand. Slowly he takes his mouth and works his way along her skin tasting every inch of her as he makes his way down her shoulders to her breast and on to her waist line. With his tounge smoothly making around to the small of her back and gently up her spine. Reaching around he unbuttons, unzips, and slips her out of her jeans as they hit the floor she kicks them away. He pulls her in from behind she can feel his hardness against her now bare ass as he bites into her neck in just the right place. She let out a deep gasp and he continues while both of his hands are at play moviñg along the structure of her body setting her on fire with lust. Dripping wet she reaches around to him grabbing his rock and feels it moving her hand up and down from the head to the base. Oh wow she says as she turns to look at the sure size of what she was feeling in length. Something wrong he ask .. No she looks down and back up with a smile nothing at all. She closes her eyes ànd kisses him and thy fall to the bed as thy feel one another's body she invites him in moving her legs leaving them open as he acknowledges and moves in grinding on her teasing she bites on his lip. You want it? he ask. Yes! She replies how bad do you want it? He ask. She starts to answer he begins slowly inside of her. Her words quickly retreat into a low moan. He presses deep into her reaching and pulling a fist full of her hair. She runs her hands down his sweaty shoulders along the curves of his hard muscles feeling his arms and moving on to his chest and stomach as he thrust himself deeply. She reaches for his wrist and pulls his hand to her throat he grasp unto it squeezing ever so much that she can feel the slight pain of being choked. He leans into her and whispers in her ear is this what you want? You can have anything you want? All you have to do is just ask! Oh yes she answers back and he squeezed a little harder while he begins pursuing more of himself inside of her. Yes I want it she tells him. I'm cumming! Oh! He raises him self up and slams himself into her hard again and again holding her throat squeezing tightly. She begins to cum as she dose he can feel it rushing Al over him as she become even more soaked than before.  Can I cum inside of you? Yes she answers as he lets go of his own heat filling her with his warm seed. Oh I'm not done with you he says to her hovering over her. I can do this all night. She pulls his to her and smiles. You can have what ever you want all you need to do is just ask.


  • Jul 21, 2019

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    Jul 22, 2019

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