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She looks out the window to enjoy the view and a warm hand lays on her side, slides down her thigh and rest at her hip. Her stomach tingles as a sharp jolt of excitement runs up her spin and shivers to her neck causing her to arch her back slightly unknowingly. He can see she is comfortable and leans in to nessle his mouth at the bottom of her neck and begins at her shoulder. With his lips he kissed her gently from shoulder to ear. She feels the movement of tenderness as he delivers it passionately. She hears him near to her ear and let's a silent sigh of wind out and begins to turn to catch his lips with her own. The breeze blowing in the curtains warm and heated as it passes through them. He quickly moves his hands to response by grasping her with his left hand pulling her near with plenty of force. His right hand on her left shoulder slid's her shounder straps down on her dress while he takes ahold of her zipper and peels her from her etire. Motionlessly falling down to the bed he feels her soft skin and smooth curbs as he begins to bit on her neck. She holds him ther with one hand at the back of his head gripping a fist full of hair tightly to show her approval with her aggression. Leaning back he takes her hand and places it on the hardness that she lust for. Taking both of his hands from her he pulls his shirt from his stomach over his head tossing it to the floor. She lays waiting patiently watching him undress. He stands before her and aproches her naked beauty as his heart races she slightly bends her legs guiding him in with her knee. Falling into her he feels her soft touch and the warmth of her body as the adrenaline rushes through him  him and his disire becomes fierce he cant wait anylonger and ........


  • Jul 21, 2019

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