The First Night Read Count : 33

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel

.Nervously her heart races thoughts run rapidly trough her mind she thinks to herself is this right should I do this she swallows her never ending thoughts down into the pits of her mind. She doesn't care if it's wrong she only cares about the intense passion thats creeping up inside of her being.  He seems nervous but ready a bit of excitement covers his face as she says to him remove my jeans I want you to do it. Then he slowly unbuttoned her soul he talked to her not with words but with his hands as she lay down sideways on his bed.  She noticed the difference in lighting the difference in smells. She lays there waiting for him to please her every desire her every fantasy she drempt before reality of that moment.  Her legs open for him like a door to another world. He enters slowly she moans softly the feeling of passion the feeling of lust and the feeling of relief came upon her instantly that with only a few thrust she became wet like a small flowing creek in the spring. Her head shifted back eyes closed in desire trying to be quiet isn't easy for her because the feelings intense it wasn't just the pleasure it was the connection between the two it was the words of poetry he had placed inside her heart it was the way he moved like a body of water during a small thunder storm he wants her to get off that's his desire he wants to feel her getting tighter and tighter he wants to become soaked in her fluid that's exactly what happened her mind on fire her body tingles all over the energy between them is pure passion she drenched his sheets from under her body her back arches as she cums for him over and over again.  They stopped for a second it was her turn to please him as she startled over him gabbing his cock and placing it into her wet throbbing pussy she rides him slowly then faster moving her hips like an ocean her body makes waves for him.  She cums and shakes all over her body becomes numb with good vibrations.  She looks at the clock a few mins till 6 she knew she must leave but she didn't want to return to reality because in that moment all she thought was pure ecstasy and not of the real world.


  • Jul 21, 2019

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    Nov 29, 2019

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