The Black Diary Read Count : 32

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

Happiness in life comes by struggles,pains and hard works. Raina can understand it very well. She is now 25 years old. She has completed her graduation. Now she leads a happy and simple life by her own income. But her life wasn't like that. An incident changed her life. she used to lea├»d a luxurious life life. Her father is the most successful business man in that city. She is the only one daughter of her parents. So from her childhood , she had everything what she wanted.  when she was at age 18, she had started to lead a life which was out of control. she spent money in many ways. Even she didn't listen to her   parents. she was addicted by drugs. One day she was driven her car by drinking alcohol. suddenly her car had stopped working at an unknown place. At that time, she was so hungry and thirty.  But there was no one to help her. To get some water, she started digging the soil. Though she didn't get any water but she found a diary which was black. The diary wasn't written in English, so she couldn't understand anything then. But she kept it into her car and she was continuously tring to repair her car . At last , she repaired it and got back to her home. she had a friend who was expert in many languages.  So he helped her to read this diary. By reading this, she could understand the exact value of life. The diary was  about a poor girl.


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