Valerie(The Dynamics Of Grieving). July 1990 Read Count : 31

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She asked at our chance meeting 
“How’s your family-how is Marc?”
Her innocent- natural question 
For an instant lit a spark

For that brief millisecond
You were alive for me to see
For the moment you lived for Valerie
You also lived for me

I can’t describe the feeling
The ecstasy short-lived 
The reality of you alive
Was more than fate could give

And in a that blinking instant
We both were wrapped in joy
It was like a child’s first Christmas 
Her question was the toy

 The experience lasted a minute 
A lifetime skirted by
But the clouds of truth I told her
Darkened her blue sky

My pain was not in the telling 
I’ve practiced for more than a year 
But your living and dying one more time
Was more than I could bear

Now Valerie joins the multitude 
Of those who’ve heard and read 
Fate claimed another victim today 
Marc my son is dead


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  • Jul 19, 2019

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