Once Gone Read Count : 26

Category : Audio

Sub Category : Audio books

hey Jack the Jessica said with a clearly loud voice but jack was not there. Jessica went to Jack's house to go see if he is there because jack won't answer his phone. the next day everything was gone it was once gone.Jessica was scared she screamed and screamed then she heard a grounding¬† noise. she thought Jack was back Jessica screen is a jackets not funny. but it was not Jack Jessica started to breathe and her heart was pounding. Jessica  scream  help help help help please help. Jessica did not fall asleep till the next morning. Jessica was once gone  and she was kidnapped. Jessica do not know what to do but even though she thought it was Jack. Jessica was mumbling Jessica escape and went  to the police.Jessica screamed out loud  police someone is trying to kidnap me help me please. the police nodded. Jessica  went running outside and look for Jack everywhere. but she couldn't the next day she was once gone because she took her Jessica scream  how dare you jack I thought I was your best friend. Jack stander quietly with a :-( face


  • sorry I do so much mistakes

    Jul 18, 2019

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