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The orb of light falls out of the sky, ending it's reign, the orb of darkness shines down brightly on the Earth.

I lie in my bed, amongst myself. The echo of my pumping heart, and the feeling of my coursing blood are all what I hear.

The hours are well into the A.M

Others may look up at the stars, sit with each other in comfort.

Not for me.

No stars to gaze upon, no moon to look up yo, no waves at the beach to enjoy.

Sheer darkness.

Others may get a sense of happiness, an eruption of adrenaline from their music that pump, and boom, and shake, and pulse.

Not for me.

An endless waterfall awaits it's eruption, a spark of rage wishes to be unveiled, and my screaming heart desperate for what it was made for.

Scream no more, we have found a temporary cure.

Sleep, still hard to grasp, still well out of my reach, avoids me so.

Sleep offers the soothing relief I crave, such cravings that are much too powerful to understand.

Yet, there lay a price tag.

This debt being my mentality, my sanity, my fragile soul, my already weakened heart, and the sadness inflicting screams from my heart that shatter the bones in my body with a mixture of rage.

Such a heavy price to pay for a temporary cure.

Perhaps, I should abandon such cure. Lie awake, much like a light bulb left powered up, alone, overnight.

Yet, even that comes with a heavier price of it's own.

For others, sleep is a paradise.

For me, it is a desert of violence and horrid thoughts.


  • Jul 18, 2019

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