The Clown That Was Under My Bed Read Count : 23

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Once a long time ago their was a guy that dressed up as a clown for kids birthday partys. The guy lured the kids in the forest so he can kill the kids. The kids parents did not know were was their children at so the called the cops and the cops called a detective and they found clues that leaded to the guy that killed the parents children in the woods. The The guy whent to court and the judge gave him the death penilty. When the the guy had the electric chair it zap him and he begin to twitch and he rIsed up and say that my sole will hount kids in the town I will died in. Then he felled down in died on the floor. 

50 years in the present their is a girl named esabela and in her family she has a rotwiler named chop a brother named Franklin and a mom named marry and the dad named pablo and a uncle the lived with her named freddy. The family lived in manshion in the woods. Esabela woke up and the sun was shining through the blinds. She got ready to go to school and her dog chop jump on her and lick her in the face. Then she went to the kitchen and sit down to get some breakfast and she her brother when to sit down with her and the mom comes and make them eggs,

beacon and pancakes. Then the wait for the bus to go to school after school esabela and Franklin goes to the woods then the see a grave and see that is was the guy that killed the kids in the woods then lighten struck at the grave then a crazy clown with blood on its face rIsed up and scared the chirldren. Esabela and Franklin ran home to tell their parents and they did not beleve them. They whent outback to see their uncle working on a Mustang. Then the kids whent inside to play. Later that day the clown founded the kids house and sunk in the window of the basement. The clown when to the kitchen to grave a knife the he sneak a under the moms bed then he sticks the knife through the bed Nd kills the mom. In the morning the dad wakes up to go check on his wife and she her dead in the bed and then he calls the cops and the cops come and take the body to check how she died. The cops come back to find clues around the house then they find a hole that goes through the bed and the cops say it looks like a knife hole. The cops could arest no body so the cops leave then later on at night time the clown comes and kill the dad buy a trap. The trap is a trip wire that if the dad cross it a slege hamer will come down and hit his head and the dad sets on the trap and the siege gamer busted the dad head then Franklin comes and see the clown behind his dad dead body and he ran fast and the clown did not hear him and Franklin tells his uncle what happen and the uncle belves him so the uncle calls the cops and they come and the clown hides in the basement and the cops tells Franklin what he sall and said ok and the cops made a trap to every door. When someone passes it makes a sound that will call chop to come and bit the clown. At night time the clown cames out from the basement and goes to esabela room then the traps work and. Chop comes to bit the clown arm off and then esabela wakes up and see the clown with no arm and the clown is tern behind and esabela hides in her closet with her iPhone and calls her uncle and Franklin and tells her uncle to grave a gun he has and tells Franklin to have his rifel in his closet and then uncle comes and shot the clown and the leg and Franklin shoots the clown end the eye with his rifel thats a bebe gun. Then while the clown is blind in one of his eye uncle gets esabela and Franklin to go to the mustang and he calls chop with him and chop grave Franklin bebe gun with his mouth and he runs to the car and Franklin grave is bebe gun. Chop runs back and he bites the clowns leg and then uncle calls the cops and they come to the house and they see a blood trail the foes to the basement and the find the clown and the clown run outside and the cops shoots the clown with a double barrel shot gun and he soots the clown arm off. Then the clown run off and uncle hits the clown with the car and then chop bites both of the clown legs off then uncle shoots the clown in the head then uncle call the cops that was at the house and he tells them that he shot the clown the cops said ok then they ride off to the count so uncle can adopt the kids and put chop into uncle name for dog tags and the cops gave uncle 1.2 billion dollars for caching the clown and then they family and then they go to mexico to stay with uncle family in the ranch and for the kids they have esabela a pony and gave Franklin a dirt bike and fourwheller.


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