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It's the time for me to write something but I don't know what to say it's like my mind is blank but I feel I should say something maby I should just stay quiet 

That's the questions that stay in my mind even if I can keep it together for days week months the demons always come back out whether I want it or not but I realised I can't fight them for i am them they are a part of all of us some darker than others 

I learned to use them when I need them but somehow when I think I'm in complete control that's when they get out and god help me for what happens then 

Then I see you and its like it was all a dream like they never got out even with all the chaos around me I just feel at peace it's weird how on a day to day basis I fight to feel no emotion for when I feel my past starts to catch up with me but im not running I'm just trying to move on how can I move on if I left parts of me all over in the past 

Thats where you come in even for a second with you I'll just be at peace help whoever does harm to you for i wil unleash all hell on them even if it destroys me 

Wait what who are you who puts me at peace for you don't exist you are the demons you part of me the only part who see things clear I am alone in this world of ours but that doesn't mean I give up you demon yes you 

You and I wil fight together 


For before I give up I wil find someone but not someone perfect someone who's demons wil understand my own and we will die together 


  • Jul 16, 2019

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