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   Donald J Trump's, inappropriate rhetoric has gone on for a long time. Quite recently he again for the third time has told people..."If you don't like America then leave."

   This statement disgusts me beyond it's slanted meaning. Mr. President, let me tell you something about why I don't leave America even though I hate what you're doing to children and families. In my homeland, I have sworn loyalty to those people I care for. Then why I'm not military, nor am I a police officer I made an elf to stand up for those who deserve protection. The weak, the needy, end the voiceless. No President Trump, I will not leave and you can not force me out of my homeland. It is my will as a Christian, and my own personal path which I choose to take. You tell people, to leave because you cannot face the fact that you were wrong. You made a bad decision, and you hurt innocent people. No more excuses, no more lies, you have betrayed our homeland to its core. You do not want people who oppose you to have freedom, you do not want these people to have justice. I may be only one man, but I know what you are doing is wrong.


  • Jul 16, 2019

  • Nicely said!

    Jul 16, 2019

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