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Those words are often used
Very easily confused
If you want one or have one
And look to them to copy their characteristics and traits 
Your doing yourself a disservice 
Right at the starting gate

You can wear the same clothing
Speak the same way
You’ve became a carbon copy 
But you’ve put your personality away
You are unique as we all are 
What makes you unique-makes you a star
Easily recognized from near or from far
I’m not speaking of wealth or even of fame 
I’m referring to happiness when they hear you name
A role model’s valuable if you know your self 
Take what’s reality put the rest on the shelf 

If you’re not content with who you are
happiness will not come
You’ve got to start your searching
 With the will to keep on working 
You can become a”Role Model Clone”
Then there’s nothing else to do
But will that give you true happiness 
The answer’s up to you


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