Lightning Knight The Doom Read Count : 11

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Sub Category : YoungAdult

When I graduated from high school, my birth mother had a meeting with some time travelers. they came to warn her, to train me and my friends because in there time line we never became heros and somone name Doom destroys the world. So what we did first thing in the morning was gathering up cayden, Anastasia, Emily, I went to a training facility where we were commanded to learn about our skills and powers. Thats when my dad came in he said some of us needed a weapon to control our abilitys. For example I need a weapon from the planet co. So I got a sword that when it cuts you, your flesh turn into black rock (obsidian) it controls water. The sword helps me control my lightning and teleportation. Cayden had superstrength and op speed his bow and arrows help him but his arrows shoot out sound waves that allows more arrows to appear in his quiver. Anastasia had a bunch of gear but she has invisibility the suit keeps her powers under control so she wears it under regular cloths. We were train by 4 super powerful old men, We thought we were gonna win cause they were old but they were so powerful, they puched one of us and we flew to Saturn we had to come up with a plan or else we were running around the white house for 24 hours, until we beat them. We had our first mission it was to protect the white house from an alien that can absorb anything but fire. What we did was boil him in a big pot witch was a bell, The president gave us medals and thats when they asked for our names I am lightning knight, Cayden's is the quick arrow and Anastasia's is invisabilaty space. So Christmas cane around and and my mother died from a person nane Ras'zod. To be continued next chapter 2 


  • chapter 2 is coming next

    Jul 15, 2019

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