The Great Journey Read Count : 11

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure


Mark: With a small camp in the wall and a food group it should take less time to destroy the base. Jacob: We need to finish before sunrise because the Pines will be patrolling the area to find us. 

<Around Midnight> Sam: almost...done...finally... <Sam Falls Asleep>

Mark: T-T Seriously?  Jacob: Well I'm going to my room. Mark: On second thought, we should just take over the base instead of destroying it. Jessica: Yeah, since we already set up a decent camp.

<The Next Morning> Mark: Let's see if we can go out. 

<There's A Pine Guard Patroling> Mark: We should just get a soldier to go with the food group. <Later> Soldier: I hear something... 

<Soft Sounds Come From A Wall> Soldier: I'll check that out.

<He Digs Out Some Of The Wall> 



  • Great teaser! Can't wait for the continuation of the chapter!

    Jul 15, 2019

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