Just To Know You Read Count : 15

Category : Poems

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You took your life

           just as mine was beginning

You had to have known 

          the impact you would have on my life

              until I would take my last breath

Just to know you

    What you were like as a person

            things you enjoyed

            things you held dear to your heart

Just to know  you

       The things you could have taught me 

         and the things I would have learned

         To have the memories I so deserve 

               Memories that most treasure 

           Memories some take for granted

                      The memories alone

                would have made an impact 

                     Filled a whole of sorts

Just to know  you

     Not only would it have

            answered many questions 

     But it would have made an impact

            on the answers to many other questions

     An example of how things should be 

             How others should love me

             How I should love others

          A deep depriving of the soul 

    Just to know  you

               of the love that a father had to share



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