Lonely Into The Forest Read Count : 23

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : Travel

Once there lived a man with a keen interest to go an adventure and thriller travel a long.He is 34 years old. He have not yet done such an adventurous travel.

Mean while he heard about a forest.

He heared that some people were lost in the forest. One mystery that all says was the people who goes near the forest  at night time diappears and never comes back.

Then he planned to travel to the forest. He pack some essential properties to survive.A torchlight, a waterbottle,dry fruits and a knife for his safety. 

The next day he took the bag contained all items towards the forest. It was around 12  o clock.He saw the forest. With a little shever he goes near the forest his sweat comes as though a waterfall. Suddenly, a sound... it was a dog barking but he could not see the dog.With a fear he goes near the forest the dog's bark disappeared. Soon after he goes near the forest something pulls him inside the forest.He felt a pricking pain in the hip region, after that he become unconscious.After sometime he slowly arose and he couldn't move thathe was tied heared a sound of drum and tribes are dancing around.

These tribes are keen to protect the forest, they does not allow any outside people inside the forest.At the same time,they won't leave anyone to come near the forest at night time.This is because of an incident that happened a years ago...

Years before one day at night a man smoked near the forest someone called him he put the cigar down without offing he left.Wind pushes the fired cigar into the forest.Nearly half of the forest was eaten by the fire and three fourth of the tribal population died. 

So these people were awaken at night and pulls the persons coming near the forest and sacrifice them to their God. 

They came close to kill him. He asked why are they killing him.They told the story of Smoker.He promised that he won't do any harm to the forest.

Suddenly, the bell in the God's hand rang,they trusted his words and allowed him to go.

Then he reached home.


  • Jul 15, 2019

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