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Lesson IV; Fucking Feminists for Sis Gender Relationships

You can probably picture it like a dream. A hot girl riding you hard,  eyes locked and focused on pleasing every inch of you before you feel yourself sliding out of her and she shimmies down your form to finish you off with her mouth and ultimately... cum on her face.

Its not an unachievable goal,  but it is a goal you shouldn't just expect. Adoration like that comes in 2 ways. Now. If you don't want to pay for it then you have you work for it. If you want to be a God then you must first treat her like she is more important than a working girl. 

Women were raised to believe we are,  for lack of a better word,  princesses. Since then society has pounded into our heads that not only are we not cherished like princesses,  but we're are less than necessary and we need to earn a good man through means defined by our sex. But whole men as primal beasts can not survive without a woman (I won't get Freudian over it but it has to do with human evolution and maternal bonding.) The idea of princessing is not that anymore,  despite the outdated belief that women outnumber men 2-1 the ratio is equalizing and the effects of the 'man shortage ' is starting to show. Men treat women with less respect,  but demand that idol worship that only truly comes from being loved. 

And everyone is confused because no one talks anymore. 

Sure. She can fake it,  but that's not the love you're really looking for. Does she want to please you to please you? Or so she isn't just disappointing your expectations of her. Enthusiasm boys. That's the difference- if she cares she is doing a good job. 

Men are physical,  women are emotional.  In essence... you are jerking off our emotions.  It's never the same satisfaction when it's not authentic,  is it. She will regret it /she will stop doing it. Cause and Effect from Lesson II. That's how you get into hot relationships that seem to fizzle out. Eventually your entitlement is annoying with no return.  I mean sure,  she IS NOT going to ride you every time,  but when she does it's a gift, the ultimate gift really and yes it is a form of worship. So... you will not get the full devotion of a woman wholly hooked on you unless it happens organically. Which is what you crave, really, primally. 

How do you get there? It's really easy. Pay attention.  Every girl has her tells. And we are basically all different just like you.  

Without the preconceived notion of being an object it is vitally important we don't become objects to you; The means to fulfilling a day dream. 

I know. It's unfair to assume men have never been objectified... that's not it either. But in earnest,  you're not a stigma of your gender.  Nor have you been vastly humiliated degraded and abused for centuries. So,  are you immune? No. We understand for the most part you men have things you deal with that we don't. Write about it. But chances are you've less emotional impact under threat of being downgraded to a whore. And even if you were,  you don't get treated poorly for it. So,  there's a lot on our shoulders to perform. And we risk everything to give you what you want,  no matter how much we really really want to... but you gotta earn that trust or... pay that hooker. 

So ... end note. Make her feel safe,  make her feel secure. Make her feel that there will be no ill aftereffects if she opens up to fulfill your every need.  She is testing you in every single thing you do... 

answer texts

Open doors

Walk beside her street side

See she's home safe- inside a locked house when you drop her off

Meet her friends

Say goodnight

Remember the good ol days? There was wife material everywhere. We didn't change,  as animals you all stopped being men. Protectors. Guardians.  Gods. That's the truth of feminism. Not that we came into some awakening that we don't need men. Equal work for equally equal pay does not equate that we don't need men.  We need you very much,  iunno if you noticed but 'good women' are hard to find... and I'll share a secret.  They die with chivalry. 


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