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Episode 1: Prologue

Angels have been a part of history for centuries. But every time a child is born, an angel falls from grace; forced to fight for redemption.18 year old, Sapphire, youngest of four and daughter of Thomas and Bethany, has been chosen as the next fallen angel, but this time she's the first one chosen to save the world. She is told of her mission.

Guardian # 1: Your mission is to find the child your connected to and protect him or her with your life. This child you have been connected to has an older brother named Michael Thondrel. He'll protect you if you tell him who you are. Do you understand what's been said? 

Sapphire: I do. 

Guardian #2: Very well. God bless your journey to earth.

Sapphire hugs her parents and her three older brothers. Her parents walk with her to the star pod. Sapphire turns to face her parents before boarding. 

Thomas: Sapphire, your mother and I have something we would like to give you. 

Bethany takes her necklace off and puts it around her daughter's neck. 

Sapphire: But mother... This is your necklace, I can't take it from you. 

Bethany: Sapphire, it's alright. I have two of the same one. 

The three of them giggle for a few seconds. She hugs her family one last time. She boards the star pod, looking at her family as the doors close. The star pod takes her to the launch pad. When she reaches the launch pad, she walks out of the star pod and walks to the connection table. She puts her hand on the handprint scan, and the screen pulls up a 5 year old girl named Emily Thondrel, and also pulling up her family. She goes up to the desk and speaks to the connection clerk. 

Clerk: Name? 

Sapphire: Sapphire.

Clerk: The child your connected to? 

Sapphire: Emily Thondrel.

Clerk: Here's your bracelet and enjoy your trip. 

She walks up to the launch pad. She takes a deep breath and just before they send her to earth, The King himself walks up to her. 

Jesus: Sapphire, remember, the world is full of danger and evil. Don't let it get the best of you. 

Sapphire: I won't. 

They send her to earth. Meanwhile, Michael is walking alongside the beaches waves. Everyone both admires him and despises him. He talks to himself about the things he wishes for in life. 

Michael: (sighs heavily) I wish that I could meet the one girl that I'd love for the rest of my life. 

Suddenly, he hears something fall in the water. Something drifting towards the shore. He climbs over the small rocks to get a closer look. He looks at the thing in the water. A girl in distress he thinks. So he runs into the water; diving in at the last second. He swims to her, grabbing her by the waist and pulls her up to the surface. When he makes his way to shore, he scoops her up and carrys her the rest of the way. He sets her down gently on the warm, soft, white sand, moving the hair from her face. He checks to see if she's breathing; realizing she's not and gives her hand to chest CPR. A few seconds later, she bolts out of her unconscious state, coughing up water and gagging; flipping onto her stomach and trying to catch her breath in between coughing and gagging. He looks at her in awe as well as in shock and worry. She finally starts taking deep breaths. She flips over on her back; looking at Michael. 

Michael: Are you okay?

Sapphire: I think so.

Michael: Who are you? 

End of episode

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  • This is an idea I had for a manga series that was thought up just last night. It's originally supposed to be a movie script, but I decided to write it out in episodes in case I decided to take the story and turn it into a graphic novel :)

    Jul 15, 2019

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