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My memories of my uncle were some of the best of my life. Born into this world only two years apart under the same zodiac, we get each other in ways that is hard to describe in words. He was my male role model, the one who made me feel loved, as imperfect as I was, and despite how I often struggled to learn the things he endeavoured to teach me. Being the one who was closest to him, his very sudden passing had hit me really badly. 

It was the first time I was touched by death in a way that overwhelmed me; by the loss of one who is irreplaceable. It's now been eight years since his passing. Time has softened the blow, and in many ways have given me a bit more perspective on the matter. I now look back not in sadness or confusion by the unexpected suddenness that ended his tenure on earth, but rather in fondness and profound gratitude. Fact is, eventually we all are touched by death, as it is an inevitable part of life. As painful as it can be, impermanence can teach us to treasure each of those in our lives, as their time is measured, as is our own. 

One day we can get into a screaming match with a parent, sibling, or friend, and the next day, a car accident or fatal injury can tragically alter our immediate outlook on the worth of that person. Loss tends to put things into proper perspective, helping us to see that whatever disagreements and conflicts exist, we are still touched, for better or worse, by every person we encounter, imperfect as they may in fact be. Each person plays a part in the production of our lives, a part of our learning and growth. 

While waiting to go in for my regular session of Cosmo Dr. Therapy recently, a friend of mine gave me the news that her brother had passed away. She made it a point to inform me of her brother's passing because she knew he had been one who offered me kindness and understanding in my trying time. While it's painful to lose those who played a more prominent role in the show that is our lives, eventually the curtain closes and the performance concludes. That's just the way it goes in this production called Life. 

Let's choose to treasure the lessons learned by what we have seen, and hold fast to the positive ways we've been touched by each notable person, even though their time on the stage has ended. They need not disappear from our memories, nor from our hearts. Let's choose to honour them by how we live, speak, and walk forward with what we've gained from them, knowing that by their example, love, and company, that our own life has been forever touched. 

Lastly, a gentle reminder to all.... 

We are here to have an impact on the world, not merely to fade away unnoticed into the shadows. So, step into the light and be seen. Speak and be heard. And join in influencing the world in a positive direction. Take your place in this world as someone who matters, because every single one of us makes a difference. 


  • Jul 14, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    The ones you cherish and are gone can still be part of your life and others as well

    Jul 14, 2019

  • Jul 14, 2019

  • Jul 14, 2019

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