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It is a old verse but a very powerful verse. It shows the reality. I have to drop the idea of writing holy books chapters because I write only for God and nothing more than God. I am fed up with the duplicates or the one who calls himself a God. I hate all those who call themselves God. 

My idea of dropping the holy books also has the same reason. I don't consider anyone else as God because God is omnipresent and doesn't have a form and is completely free from everything. 

It is a honor for me to call myself as his son but I know God hasn't got any family nor son or daughter. It is tough and I don't agree with humans imposing someone else in God's place. It looks painful and kills me. 


  • I knew that earlier OK my friend I will explain it to you

    Jul 14, 2019

  • every person tries to stick to beliefs according to their convenience i guess

    Jul 14, 2019

  • No you aren't getting things right.

    Jul 14, 2019

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