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Tandem bicycling was the newest thing ever, to Wallace Wissleby.   He much prefered to run hither and thither,  as it had seemed to upset his mother.   She could often be shouting,  "WALLACE!  WALLACE!  You get home right this minute.   If you don't you won't be ready in time for TV hour!"  Buuut,  Wsllace didn't much care for his mother's attitude most anytime, he supposed...even when it was a good one.   

Once when Wallace was half a block away making faces at the sky while his mother was calling him for being of some assistance, he imagined her in a word cloud as an animated frog queen with an attitude, so he decided to get on home and spill the beans.   With that he hopped on the bike.   It felt weird to ride it lie that.   He had fixed so the front handlebars held still,  and it felt like a very long chopper be ridden by a Wissleby with very tiny,  cute armies. 

He rode home as fast as he could,  ran into the house,  made a face,  and said,  "Lady,  youust be a bad frog queen!"  There INDEED were beans everywhere!


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