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It was the first day of summer right when school got out it was the best day of my life. I had just got done with 5th grade that meant I finished elementary school and I was going to middle school it would be a big change. I would go from being the biggest kid on campus to the littlest kid on campus. It is definitely going to be a big change but I am ready. So while I'm waiting for 6th grade to start my mom put me in a summer camp and I love it. I have my friend's to play with me my crush that rides the bus to summer camp with me this is going to be the best summer ever. As the summer camp began and is getting tord the end I've been dealing with a lot of drama and I hate drama but I've gotten used to it. I have my best friend hannah that hates all the drama too so we ignore it together. Sometimes there is nothing to do but we make it work we think about all the crazy things that we have done together like one time I went to her house for her birthday party and I wanted to raise so we did we got half way through with the race and I tripped on a hole and fell and hurt my pinkie and hannah tripped over me and fell and hurt her nose we laughed for hours. So summer camp  is ending school is starting soon I dont think I'm ready for the change.....


  • I love this book

    Jul 14, 2019

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