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As people grow old their desire for life keeps increasing and sometimes the reverse of it and this I just saw now after reading the post of MAURICE. Anyhow all that I can do is pray to GOD.

The second hottest debate that took me off was about the topic of BULLYING which was first started by the writer named MEENA WALIA and later on defended by of course none other than my favorite friend SATANOPEDIAOLOGY. Now a days I see him wrestling a lot with his words.

From his writings one thing is clear that he has seen many things and have experienced it personally. That's why whether IT IS THE TOPIC OF SUICIDE OR RAPING OR TEASING OR ANYTHING OF THIS TYPE OF SUBJECT HE LOSES HIS CONTROL AND BECOMES FIERCE. Even after certain lines his mode of expression changes and it seems as if it is too much for him to handle. I feel sorry because he hasn't written in depth about it. From his writings one thing is clear he hates BULLYING A LOT. 

If we are doing our work peacefully and leading our lives perfectly, sometimes a situation will turn life upside down and it stays as a mark throughout the lifetime. In that they of case if you say anything sweet or conveying or try to pacify a person it goes I vain. 

Bullying is truly a deadly disease because it spoils a happy family. Whether the bullying is done in anyway, there is a limitation for everything and any teasing person should learn it. Continously teasing someone and making fun of her or him sometimes brings dangerous unseen consequences. 

So all that I say is never remain silent for long and afterwards feel sorry for your act. Even if he or she is your friend, if you don't feel comfortable tell them and if they keep on repeating the same, don't do anything just leave that place and cut his or her friendship and please don't follow SATANOPEDIAOLOGY's footsteps and kill someone for that, it can also put you beyond bars. So stay polite and act smart(This one is especially for you my friend). 


  • Jul 13, 2019

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    Jul 14, 2019

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