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It is the foundation our structure 
The steel beams of our emotional weight 
Built into the human mind
That keeps us emotionally straight 

They are our guide as we live our life 
We can maintain our course 
If they are strong as we wish them to be
We can follow that welcome force 

If they falter and we hesitate
We open up to doubts
We have the ability to modify or change 
But they’re hard to live without 

As part of the whole picture 
There’s another aspect to see
To respect other’s different beliefs 
Though you do not have to agree

They’re like a thought-out road map
That gives you good direction
When you face some of life’s detours 
It offers quick protection 

The object of this gift 
To live with your belief 
Is to live a happy life
Of quality and relief 


  • Jul 12, 2019

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    Jul 12, 2019

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  • Awesome Writer. You Are A Great Son of God.

    Jul 13, 2019

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