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I from my personal experience have learnt this things. This is the performance chart of Satanopediaology comparing various social media with its users base and its power

1. YouTube.                           5B

2. Facebook 



     Google plus                      1B.   

2. Twitter                          500M.

3. Tumbler



     Wattpad                       100M

4.  Webnovel.                       5M

5.  You quote.                      1M

6.  Mirakee.                       500k

7.  Writers outlet.               50k

This are the list of social media I have used and what I found is that

Writers outlet, YouTube, Google plus, mirakee, webnovel, you quote and twitter, all of this websites give your name access in the website. 

Meaning: if you people type your name as mentioned in this social media website then anyone from anywhere just by typing your name should get access to your writings. Your name becomes a search engine address and you should definitely get your complete details. If I type Satanopediaology I should get my all the accounts in my name and if my friend types godopediaology in the search engine even he should get his entire details. So this is the benefit of this social media accounts. 

Whereas if you have a Facebook account, Instagram account, tumblr account you need to mention correct url address and be recognised. 

The real thing:

As a writer I don't think Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, tumbler, Google plus can help you much. Means here the principle is like if you tag anything here it can be visited only by those with whom you make friendship with. Means it is like a invitation you have. You invite them and if they have the time then they might visit your pages or websites. You need to keep on uploading some shit videos and go to their pages, like it and vote it and so on. Here a writer just can show he has a website but it is a pvt websites of friends, family members and their circle. Just like a well and nothing else. 

But for a writer it is apps like writers outlet, mirakee webnovel, wattpad, you quote, that really makes a writer. In this apps

                                                  I feel that writers outlet, webnovel are greater than wattpad and mirakee also is best when compared to you quote and other quoting sites. 

Overall I rate 

                       Writer's outlet, webnovel, mirakee, Sharechat as greater motivating writers app when compared to YouTube, Facebook Instagram, twitter, tumbler, you quote and other collective social media sites. 

For me as a writer only writer's outlet, webnovel, mirakee, Sharechat as helped me a lot by making my writings recognised. Even though there are very less members here, still for the writers, this is a best writing site and this I guarantee whole heartedly. 


  • Jul 12, 2019

  • Jul 12, 2019

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