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Written by shahid fayaz 

This philosophy makes me ever worried.

When i look at this world.

Just tears fall from my eyes.

People often say that we live unhealthy.

When we remove the way of living, then we will fail in this world.

I'll go through the market.

Islam is on one side, on the other hand, the market of unemployment.

Most of the people in the field that are seduced in the field.

When i see the philosophy or listen.

I became helpless.

If we will live our lives in this way.

So we will never be able to see the purpose of this life.

This world is also for poor and also for rich.

But we are less aware of this fact.

If you are interested in something that i see in this world.

So never keep this world's philosophy in your heart and mind.

Because it makes us crazy.

I ask myself with my heart.

I am also surprised in this world too.

In which market, there is a shope of the world?

In which field there is the count of this word? 

Shahid says this while crying.

I said a famous words in a book.

" When the bird does not sleep in the cage, it is batter to give the freedom."

 Written by shahid fayaz


  • Jul 13, 2019

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