A Dorks Life Read Count : 29

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama

Chapter 1(Life as a human)

"Angelina!!!"called her mother down stairs. "Yes Mom coming!!!"said Angelina in excitement. She quickly jumped out of bed and put on her slippers and robe.

Angelina quickly rushed downstairs for breakfast.

Angelina said happily"Hi mom good morning. Her mom looked confused and said"Sweetie why are you excited it's Saturday.

She looked serious as always"Mom you said you take me to my first job interview. Her mother rolled her and walked to cook breakfast muttering.

"Ugh!! Angelina stomped upstairs and slammed the door.

Angelina thought"Maybe dad might take me to my interview yea ,I better call him. So she searched her draw for her phone finally after searching 3hrs. she found her phone then realized"MY PHONE IS DEAD!! 

Chapter 2(Seeing a white light)

She searched quickly in her chest for charger than realized ....."Oh yea it's in my coat pocket.

She ran and grabbed it out of the pocket and out it in the wall and plugged her phone in. After all that rushing she decided to run to see if her dad was home and sure enough he was She yelled"Daddy!!" Her father hugged her and said "Sugar cube". Her mother just smiled then went to catch the food. She asked"Daddy can you drive me to the interview?!  Her dad looked confused"But I thought your mother was taking you?!" She said"She forgot...." Her dad looked Happy:Okay we'll go get dressed and I'll take you." She rushed upstairs and grabbed some of her favorite overalls and pink shirts. Put on her favorite tennis and  ran downstairs out the door to meet her dad . 

Note from the author. In the next book there will be another book can't wait for you to enjoy


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