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He may think he is a failure. 

To me he is the sailor.

He thinks he doesn't know where he's going.

I see him sailing even past tomorrow morning. 

He thinks he can never be a husband.

I see him becoming my husband.

He think's hes forever alone.

I see him sitting with me side by side on our thrown.

He thinks anyone can be without him. 

How can I ever live my life without him ?

He doesn't see what I see.

Yet he tells me the same thing.

We are blinded by our ugliness to ourselves.

Yet we are so pretty in the arms of someone else.

Alone we are nothing.

Together we become more than just something.

To breath what you breath is something.

To see what you see is something.

To say I do and happily to be is something.

He is more than nothing. 

He is more than just something.

He makes me feel something.

To me he makes me see I am more than just nothing.



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