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The funniest thing about going hiatus was the self reflecting. 

I learned all you have is yourself, that being said if you don’t appreciate, love or like yourself how do you expect to feel that way about others and that only makes them feel the same negative way toward you.  

You also realize who really worries about you, cares about you and supports you. 

Frustration, disappointment, anger and pain came with full force. 

Who reached out? 
Very few. 

Who called? 

Who asked where I have been? 
How I feel, etc. 

If there is something below few...that’s the word. 

I’m not posting this to be negative, I’m posting it with my opinions only to truly come to a conclusion that I am a caring person. 
I am a protective person. I am understanding to the fact that everyone wants whatever is theirs, whatever they want and whatever will benefit them most. 

This break from vulnerably writing so poetically showed me there is no growth if you do not allow yourself to fall vulnerably. 

I wasn’t myself when I wasn’t writing, as much I was not myself; Epiphany. 

Vulnerability is far too looked down upon, think about that...
Think about that while you’re sitting behind a screen calling me a waste of a human being, weak, pathetic, etc. 

Unfortunately, your insult gun shoots blanks, they all are just fake. I’m not here to insult you, just to make sure you know your place. 

When you’re mad, take a walk outside, breath in some fresh air look up at the sky and realize how tiny you really are. 

Realize that feeling of linfinority to the world is exactly what you make a peer feel; belittled. Microscopic, basically nothing. 

All that you had built up inside lingered, do not allow yourself to project on others due to your lack of expression. 

Thank you to the seldom few that checked on me, and thank you for the ones who didn’t do a damn thing. Always will have love the the true ones, even a little for those that doubt me. 

I’ll still with my vulnerability, you all stick with your projection, shaming and being a bully. 
You’re just wasting valuable time while I’m learning to just stay happy. 

Those Meaningful Words.


  • Jul 11, 2019

  • Jul 11, 2019

  • Jul 11, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Happiness - contentment etc. comes from within-if you have a positive and strong self image it is an emotional suit of armor and all the bullshit we encounter can bounce off Then your on a position to find the right relationships and life quality The bullies are weak sick individuals that prey on those who are vulnerable Our stu comes from believing in ourselves rather than listening to those sick predators Very excellent expression 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Jul 11, 2019

  • Jul 11, 2019

  • 💜

    Jul 11, 2019

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