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Sometimes I say and do bad things but who is the true judge if they are bad or good if you're religious then you would say God but I'm not putting my religion into my words I write as an atheist I want to believe I truly do and I try and go to church but my faith isn't very strong 

But back to the point who is the actual judge of good and bad is it the law when the government is more using the law to justify their own deeds I believe that you are your own judge and if it feels right to you do it if it was wrong you wil feel bad about it afterwards 

And if you choose to say sorry and make things right and not just say but mean it the you wil feel better 

Mind alterations like Cocaine or weed or any form of drugs could be used to feel different but the best drug of all it meditation where you train your mind to believe good is bad and bad is good but in the end I believe you wil judge yourself when you die not with the free will judgment but with all the wrong and all the right and that wil decide what happens after death whether you are religious or not you wil be punished not by God or someone else but by yourself what you think you deserve I believe wil happen it's like karma or that's what my personal thoughts are


  • Meena Walia

    Meena Walia

    i think anything we do without hurting anyone is good.

    Jul 11, 2019

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