The Great Journey Read Count : 37

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure


Mark: This is bad... Jacob: Take this! And that! <He Shoots 2 Sets Of Gold Arrows At The Pine Guard> Jake: Get out of here. You K I L L E R. Mark: .-. <He Drops His Sword> Mark: Here we go... <Jake Tackles The Pine To The Ground, Punching Him Rapidly> Royal Guard: I surrender!

 The Entire Army: What! How? Jake: Ugh... <He Faints> Piney: £€£€£€! (No, no, no!) <Piney Grabs Him, Then Runs Off To Camp, Due To The Noise, Tons Of Guards Including A Couple Royal Guards Barged In> 

Mark: Attack! <A Couple Hours Later> Samuel: That was insane!

 Jacob: Yeah! We should set up a hidden camp here in the walls.


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