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There is so many people in this world a single death doesn't matter who actually cares if you die friends family life goes on people forget about you so live life to pleasure yourself not to keep other people happy but don't get me wrong if you love someone and they love you back don't be a dick because if you die they'll eventually forget you the way to know if you truly love someone is when it makes you happy to do things for them most wil not under(think of this as ramblings of a madman) but whats madness to a fly is dinner for a spider my the crazyiest of people are actually the ones who see things clear 

You live your life knowing what is possible and impossible but have you ever asked yourself what if what is impossible is just that what you believe and if you believe it possible then it can be made possible keep an open mind and shape your own reality don't let other people make you believe what they believe 

I am one who prefers to live life with the saying every thing is permitted and nothing is real 

If you think about it what is actually real what if the world is holographic images controlled by your mind and trough years of delusion a world has been created that we live in today 


  • Jul 09, 2019

  • Jul 09, 2019

  • Jul 09, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Love goes on for me when a cherished person dies Sometimes the remembering is sad but more often energizing Life is a balance and each one has the Choices of how to deal with it🦋

    Jul 09, 2019

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