Paying The Price 7/8/19 Read Count : 53

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This may be cruel to say 
But for some mistakes you must pay

No one wants to be punished 
We’re embarrassed to be admonished 

If we’ve caused others pain
Their lasting hurt may long remain

Often we regret what we have done
With intention to hurt or maybe 
for fun

But reality tells us on this you’ll agree
A price should be paid in a civilized 

If I was guilty of what I describe 
I reluctantly accept the penalty derived 

I am no hero- that is for sure
It has to work both ways to even the score 

Often our actions leave us with regrets 
The damage could cause a future upset

If attempting to conciliate meets with rejection 
You know the hurt party needs other protection 

If we were able to think before action 
Most likely we’d never face this “fatal attraction “
But we all of are human at times we just “goof “
Experience tells us the unfortunate proof

I reluctantly say to me and to you
Take the punishment we deserve and start things anew


  • Jul 09, 2019

  • Jul 09, 2019

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