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Forgive me for such a decision for I must apolgize, yet I feel I shouldn't be apologizing for any of my own decisions.

My own choice of my own thought patterns that came together and had spoken to me.

Yet, why do I feel such guilt? Such sadness? Such lonliness?

Must I dig deeper within my skull to find such answers I seek? Only to bring more harm upon myself with such thoughts of regret?

Please, perhaps the choice I had taken wasn't the smartest nor have it may have been the best. But, I ask for good times to follow.

My girlfriend, I love you, don't harbor feelings of doubt I beg of you, but I regret such a decision actually.

It all happened too fast and I. . . I wish this wasn't the case. 

Deep down, I regret speaking such thoughts.

The other girl who I abandoned, with whom I actually began like, forgive my sins.

I was. . . finding my heart to be in the wrong place, finding it to be with the wrong girl perhaps. 

I feel tears craving to be withdrawn from my optics, to collapse, to break open from optics and pour out in front of me.

Through my optics, I see a universe of pain, and alongside it, I carry such heavy regret that eminates across the universe. 

I know naught if such a relationship with my partner will last long, and I am very afraid of once again of having my heart slaughtered.

I feel quite lonely indeed, just like at the facility.


  • Jul 09, 2019

  • Jul 10, 2019

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