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Maan gulabi ho gaya 

tan sharabi ho gaya 

kaktasi chhavan mein uag gaye hai gulabi shool 

bhuli bhataki pagdandiyo mein ud rahi hai dhool hi dhool 

Nazar nahi aata koi aas paas 

udas si aakho mein chori ho gaye hei aansu 

phir kidhar jaye lasho se gujar ke 

sitaro ki bhid mein chand kho gaya 

jungle mein dahadata sher chupchap so gaya 

Sannate ke table par thirkati hai angulinya 

shabad bikhar gaye hein kano pe dastak mat do 

saath na chalo to koi baat nahin 

mudati hui dishao ko sidha na karo 

Pathrai aankho mein ubhar aaya hein katu satya 

hoto pe aate shabad chori ho gaye 

kamal gamale mein khilao gulab jude mein lagao 

gair to mein hoon kabhi kabhi maan aapna na banao 

--------------  Translation  -----------------------

          I am not yours 

Mind became pink 

body became intoxicated 

grown pink bristles in shadow of cactus 

dust n dust flying in lost oblivion paths 

Not seen anyone near here 

tears stolen in desperate eyes 

then where to go crossing the corpses 

moon is missing in crowd of stars 

lion slept silently roaring in jungle 

On drums of silence playing fingers 

words have spreaded do not knock ears 

no matter to walk together 

not to do linear bending directions 

Emerged acute reality in stony eyes 

coming words on lips stolen 

bloom lotus in pot,  stick rose in hair lock 

I am not yours ever ever not make mind yours. 

---- Kamal Kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar Ward Number 27 Balaghat ( MP)India 

481001 +919424614441 8966088853

Date: Monday July 08, 2019

Word notes:

Alcoholic - intoxicated,  inebriated,  containing alcohol 

Bristles- thorns, spines, spicules 

Oblivion- insensibility,  unconscious,  the state of being unaware of what is happening around 

Desperate  - hopeless 

Corpses  - dead bodies,  carcasses 

Roar - a full deep prolonged cry uttered by a lion 

Stony  - full of small pieces of rock, rocky 

Bloom  - flower,  blossom, to grow flower 

-------- Kamal Kishore Sharma Balaghat India 481001 +91424614441 8966088853 Date: 08/07/2019


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