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On this eve of darkness 
As I stare into the gloom
The air is thick and yet has a feeling of emptiness
As it is filled and reflecting the moon
Through the mist of fear my eyes are searching
Water fills the ground
Suddenly I’m swimming
Though splashing makes no sound 
The rain is falling slowly as the haze begins to lift 
My actions seem to move slowly 
As my legs keep me adrift 
The night feels so welcoming
One hopes it will never end
But only those in denial 
Can forget that dawn will soon acend 
The gentle touch of color as the birds begin to sing and attach their wings 
Leaves crisping off the dew of night as the rays of the sun warmth brings 
Another wonderful adventure for many 
A terrible day for some 
For no matter how beautiful it is outside 
There are those who can not enjoy and have been forced to succumb .
Though in this world exists,
great misery and despair 
There is always the chance of fates twist
That can lead us home from there 
Hope for today and a reminder of Tommorow
In our hearts those moments are stored
Never forget the past and sorrow or the things we have survived and endured 
It is the only way to fill what is hollow .
Etched away from our existence are the pieces of ourselves that seem lost 
Caste away into the shadow and forgotten at a cost
Reawaken to the moonlight on this ever spinning place 
And remember all life is experience and learning and in it no disgrace 
The sanctity of the life we live and every breath we breathe 
Is only held together and cherished by those who would believe .


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  • Jul 07, 2019

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