Waiting At Home. (Part One) Read Count : 5

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       Narrator sally  Jone  Taylor  mom  dad  Mia  messiah  Chloe 


Narrator: once upon atime there lived a tiny town with two sisters

All they do is just wait for their mother to come home 

Narrator: One fine day their mother left as usual

Mom: please keep the house clean 

Sally : okay mom 

Narrator: when their mother went our the door, mia started to break the house

Sally: hey stop it Mia! 

Mia: this is so fun!

Narrator: Sally got up a grabbed her sister 

Sally: listen, mom will be back an in q hour 

Mia: why'd you have to tell me that? 

Narrator: said Mia 

Narrator: soon Sally cleaned the house using the vacuum cleaner and sweeping the house. Just then there was a knock on the door 

(Person knocks) 

Sally: would you get the door Mia 

Mia: okay 

(Door creaks open) 

Sally: hello? 

Mia: wait where is the outside? 

Narrator: the girls peered inside the door. Inside they saw a forest 

Mia: what's in here 

Sally: keep it down


Narrator: the girls turned their heads. The door closed shut and began to fly 

Sally: oh no! I'm stuck! Grab my hand!

Narrator: the girls fell and the door faded 

Sally: oh great! Now we are stuck in here! What will we do we will die here


Sally: we are stuck here! Forever! 

Narrator : Mia tried to calm down, she too was scared 


Mia: I want my mommy! 

(Thunder bolts) 

Narrator: the girls stopped crying and saw thunder, soon a cloud popped and a person floated out. 

Chole: who are you 

Sally: my name is Sally and this is my little sister Mia 

Chole: my name is chloe I'm a wizard. 

Narrator: the only way for the girls to go home is through a portal 

Chole: well in order to make the portal appear we have to find the greenstone  it's at the top on top of the mountain peak 

Narrator: chloe pointed her finger to the mountain 

Sally: if our mother discovered we are not home she will kill us

Narrator: so then the three girls walked in the forest but 

( monkey screams) 

Sally: what was that? 

Narrator: the Girls turned their heads and saw the most shocking thing

                                                  Want to see what's the thing?

Read part two to see what it is and if you want the full one look for the book of it         


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