Grateful Introductory Part Read Count : 3

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Sub Category : Fantasy

Once upon a time in a house on. a stone lived 4 witches with a Distinctive tone.

Graherna,Silis,and The Twins Ticrefi and Bicrefi.

August 5th,in the town district,Ticrefi is out shopping with Silis.

T(Ticrefi):You know,sister i heard some rumors today(takes a bite from an apple).

S(Silis):What kind of rumors?

T:That someone is trying to raise a Skufrus again.

S:Thats impossible,because the last one was overhthrown from the Gailis Canyon along with a Skeleton.

T:You mean Greg the skeleton,which sold me a very nice pair of earrings last week?

S:How did that happen?

T:I think that the(Stopped)

Town's messenger:Listen up everyone,the king Lasperius is going to visit us next week and we need to remember his request from last summer,or else he is going to bring that musician from last time again,William Dragonherst.Thats all,thank you for time,focus and patience,have a nice day.

S:Lets go get some sweets.

In the sweet shop.

T:What kind of request is that?

S:He asked that we bring him the finest apples we can find for the annual trade market event.

T:And why is that so important?

S:Because he didn't ask for simple apples but for Virter's Fields apple,that are said to be guarded by negotiators with great requests.

T:And again why is that of our interest?

S:Because Graherna and Bicrefi in the southern lookout are expert negotiators and with their bears they can easily scout the entire area and find what the negotiators need.Confused?

T:Just a little.

S:(Friendly shoulder tap):If we dont find these apples,your ears are going to end up like your uncle Jeff.

T:But he is not functional.


End of Introductory part.  


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    May 15, 2019

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